Private cloud
 Data Center  

We provide a broad spectrum of options from server space leasing and hosting, to Unlimited Support for one flat fee. With your Data Hosted in Fargo, ND 

IT Services / Unlimited Support 

Managed Service Provider IT Services for Small Business's, Consultant for Banks, Credit Unions and more...... 

We simplify the management of IT services so you can concentrate on what you do best

“Your Business”

 We specialize in Financial Services and have worked with all Core Banking Systems and 3rd party providers. 

Firewall Security  Monitoring with WatchGuard 

Web blocker, Antivirus, Malware, Intrusion Prevention Detection, Monitoring, Support, Updates, Alerting and Monthly Reporting

Cyber Security training / Multi-Factor Authentication

Phishing Testing & Training Key fobs and software tokens for dual factor authentication. 

Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

External / Internal Network and Vulnerability Testing. We provide testing one time, monthly, or quarterly depending on the customers need and help prepare customers for there Examinations

Ransomeware and virus Protection 

Protect and Train from these type of threats. No network is 100% safe due to the human element in business... But we can make sure to limit the damage caused. 

reporting for Federal and STate Exams 

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Our Partners

Managed IT Services, Help Desk, IT Support, Cyber Security, Server Rental and Lease  

Encrypted email / spam filtering 

Email Encryption and Security with one of the biggest security companies in the USA. Get rid of the junk that comes to your mailbox daily and encrypt your private data. 

Managed IT Services that fit your company. MSP provider, Managed IT Services Data Center Help desk IT support Cyber Security. Complete IT service provider for Business's CPA Banks Credit Union