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Network Support
Whether we sold and installed the network, or it was done by someone else, our technicians can help you with daily operational support. Our support contracts are designed for your bank’s individual needs. All of our support contracts entitle you to discounted hourly rates for any other type of work you may need. We can offer the following types of support:

Telephone support contracts that cover any types of questions or problems that can be handled over the telephone.

Telephone support with a set number of on-site hours. This gives you the same unlimited telephone call support, but add the flexibility of having our personnel come to your site to fix problems, install software, or just do general network maintenance.
Telephone support with hands on maintenance for those customers where we host their servers in our office.

No matter what your needs, Diversified Technologies can tailor a network support contract that will work for you.

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Server / Network Hosting
Let DTECK host your Network in our Office

Keeping up with technology is one of the biggest challenges faced by many banking institutions and businesses  today. Just the cost and time spent on daily upgrades, network maintenance, and fixing of small operational problems can eat up most of your IT budget.

DTECK can help! We can move your servers into our secure, climate controlled Data center and do the day-to-day maintenance work for you (including backup). If you do experience a more serious problem, our experienced staff has instant access to your servers and can fix most situations in minutes, rather than waiting for hours for a technician to drive out to your site.

Once your servers are housed in and online to our center, we can offer you our Clean Internet Service. With this service, all internet access by your bank is done through our Internet Security Appliances and then filtered down to your users through Terminal Services. What this means is that the internet looks the same to your users, but their PC never really accesses the internet directly. This greatly reduces the possibilities of Hackers, Spyware, Trojan Horses, Viruses, etc… Plus, our technicians monitor the Firewall logs constantly looking for possible security breaches. If an attack ever occurs, we will immediately take the necessary steps to contain and eliminate the intrusion

Since the equipment is housed in our center, we will take an active role in your business continuity planning, patch management, offsite backup storage, daily maintenance, and more. All of this for one low monthly fee.

By moving your daily IT functions (i.e. headaches) to our office, it allows your people more time to do what they do best 

Advantages of Server Hosting
Faster access by our staff to solve day-to-day problems
Free up your staff for more important tasks
Increased Security
Access to Clean Internet Feed
Patch Management
Help with Continuity Planning
Secure, Offsite backup storage
Professional Network Management
Free up space in your office

Network Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis
A Network Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis is not complete without performing both an external Penetration Test, and an internal Vulnerability Assessment.

Diversified Technologies external Network Penetration Testing probes Internet points-of-presence and associated connected devices for known security vulnerabilities. Internal network vulnerability testing assesses network security from inside a DMZ or from within an organization or business unit. All testing uses strict controls with an emphasis on protecting each client’s security and privacy.

DTECK’s internal Network Vulnerability Assessment identifies known network vulnerabilities using the most sophisticated techniques available. Mimicking a malicious intruder, DTECK gathers network and device level information, runs automated scanning tools, and uses extensive manual testing to discover and verify network vulnerabilities.

A detailed, easy to read report is presented to the bank which lists each vulnerability found, the penetration test results, and assigns a rating of 1 to 10 to the banks security. Also included with this report is a list of our recommendations to help you resolve issues, reduce risk, and achieve your IT security objectives.

Information gathering about the target both on and off-line.
Planning and execution of exploits against exposures.
Penetration and Vulnerability scanning using multiple state-of-the-art tools.
Expert validation of discovered vulnerabilities.
Data Analysis and Reporting

Diversified Technologies offers a wide variety of services that include: complete Network Penetration and Vulnerability Testing, Network Design and Installation services, Internet Security Appliances (Firewalls), and complete Network Hosting services.

Within our alliance are companies of all sizes. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success.

Network Design and Installation​
Let DTECK custom design a network that is right for you. We are experts at designing any size network, from a two PC single location network, to a Wide Area Network with several branch locations and hundreds of PC’s and servers.

We will work with you to determine your present and future needs and build a network that does what you need now, but is expandable to meet your needs in the future. We won’t over-sell you on things that you don’t need, unlike many of our competitors.

Contact DTECK now and check out the benefits of having a safe, secure network that will help your people be more productive in the process.

Network Installation
Diversified Technologies can install a new network, add on to an existing network, or simply replace individual pieces of your current network. Our installation personnel are friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to discuss your networking needs.

Internet Security Appliances Internet Security Experts
Installing a Firewall is only the first step to real network security. There is much more to Firewall Security than just turning on a Firewall. You can spend weeks, or even months trying to figure out how all of the firewall settings should be set, spend thousands of dollars sending someone to school to be trained, or let us help.

After installation, one of our Network Security Experts will work with your personnel to adjust and “Fine Tune” the Firewall to get your network as secure as possible, while still not losing any functionality or internet access that your people need. There is a fine line between having a network that is secure, and having one that is not secure, or one that is so secure that you can’t perform many of the functions you really need to run your bank.

From a single Firewall, to a complex series of Firewalls in multiple branches connected to the Main Office via VPN’s over the internet, DTECK can design a system that is safe, secure, and affordable for you. Many of our customers have replaced expensive T-1 and fractional T-1 lines with inexpensive DSL and Cable VPN’s to communicate with their branches. Give us a call to see if we can do the same for You.

Managed Firewall Monitoring Service
If you have ever tried to read a firewall activity log, you know it is a very difficult thing to do. Without proper training, it is tough to figure out what is important on the reports and what is not. It is very difficult to tell a legitimate attack on your firewall from harmless traffic that just happens to be routed on the same internet connection as you.
DTECK can help with our new Managed Firewall Monitoring Service. We ensure that your log is inspected, and that there are no un-authorized attacks trying to get at your customers information. If we discover a situation that is cause for concern, we contact you immediately and take the necessary steps to insure your data is safe.

In addition, we edit out the unimportant information from the log, and cut it to a any type of digital format for you to review and keep for permanent storage. All of this for one low monthly fee.