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We will meet or beat our competitors’ prices and will exceed their quality of service.

Diversified Technologies, LLC of Fargo, ND, was formed in 2000 with one goal. To be a complete technology solution provider to Financial Institutions. Diversified Technologies’ IT services help our customers do amazing things. We simplify the management of IT services so you can concentrate on what you do best “Banking”. We specialize in Banking and have worked with all Core Systems and 3rd party providers.

Our Services Included

Secure Private Cloud Hosting in Diversified Technologies Data Center
Moving your production servers to our secure data center will eliminate downtime and the need for onsite technicians, and provide a disaster recovery site in the bank branch of your choice. We also offer a rental service where for one flat fee you can rent hardware and software from Diversified Technologies and never go through the hassle of upgrading again. If a new office product comes out, you can upgrade at no additional cost to your bank, or if you need more space… We will give it to you at no extra cost to you.

Network Penetration and Vulnerability Testing
External Network Penetration Testing probes internet points-of-presence and associated connected devices for known security vulnerabilities. Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment identifies known network vulnerabilities. Mimicking a malicious intruder, extensive manual testing to discover and verify network vulnerabilities. A detailed, easy to read report is presented to the bank which lists each vulnerability found, the penetration test results, Also included with this report is a list of our recommendations to help you resolve issues, reduce risk, and achieve your IT security objectives.

Remote Support
This includes Unlimited Support Calls for Servers and PCs from 7am to 6pm. We don’t require tickets, just call and one of our friendly technicians will start working on your issue right away.

Management Central Monitoring and Reporting
This includes all Microsoft Updates and all third party updates for Servers and PCs. With our Reporting package our Customers have reported a 75% reduction in the amount of time it takes to get ready for their state and federal exams.

File Auditing and Tracking
Tracks all user logins, time, files opened, security changes. Reports generated monthly and can be pulled anytime. File Tracking is also required for Exams.

Barracuda Networks Spam Filtering and Encrypted Email
Email Encryption and Security with one of the biggest security companies in the USA.

Firewall Security and Monitoring with WatchGuard
Web blocker, Antivirus, Malware, Intrusion Prevention Detection, Monitoring, Support, Updates, Alerting and Monthly Reporting with WatchGuard Firewalls. We will support others but cannot monitor them.

Manage and Support Backups Locally and to a Disaster Recover Site
We will setup, manage track and report on the backups daily.

Multi-Factor Authentication
Key fobs and software tokens for dual factor authentication.

Give us a call to setup a free consultation and quote from one of our IT Experts.
With numerous FDIC, NCUA, OCC, STATE exams under our belt we can help you make your exams a success.
Diversified Technologies is Federally and State Examined on a regular basis just like your Financial Institution. We are one of the few in the upper Midwest that get examined.

Why would you trust your IT to a company that has no regulations on them?​​